Wear OS Smartwatches Are Now Sending Reminders to Wash Your Hands Every Three Hours

Get Reminders to wash your hands every few hours

Image Source : 9to5google

Wear OS Smart Watch, Used Google’s operating System for wearable and smartwatches and it now sends reminders to wash your hands by certain period of time which is the best way to break the chain of the novel corona virus. 

This is Spotted by Android Police, This new feature will be part of the v5.4.0 update of Google Clock App. This new feature will be added into the Clock application and will send an alert message every three hours to head to wash and scrub your hand and once you will start washing your hands you can start a 40 Seconds countdown. Though if you don’t want to get alert then you can disable this feature, Note by Android Police.

Image Source :9to5google

The COVID-19- Novel Coronavirus is spreading across the globe for several months. One of the most effective ways to prevent spreading or protect yourself against corona is to wash your hands using soap/liquid for a minimum of 20 seconds but 40 seconds washing hands can kill the virus cells and virus simply washed away by running water. 

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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