Apple Releases iOS 14.2 with New Emojis And Other Improvements

iOS 14.2 Is Here With Over 100 New Emoji

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Today Apple Officially released iPadOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2 with bringing improvements and variety of new features like dozens of new emoji that are available to use and some of the smileys like a Ninja, Pride Flag, A Coin, Bubble Tea, A Transgender, A dodo, A Tamale and many more. 

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Also a new “Pinched Finger” Emoji which is “Frustrated Italian Hand Gesture” emoji which means death.

You can check the list of Emojipedia for the full catalogue of new emoji added in the update.

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This new iOS update of 14.2 brings many other improvements to iOS 14 which includes Eight New Wallpapers, A Shazam Toggle for control center, A Refreshed AirPlay Menu and many other bug fixes.

iOS14.2 update also adds several big features to Apple’s HomePod products, HomePod mini which starts PreOrder on Friday which includes new intercom feature that announced by Apple in HomePad mini and ability to link a HomePod speaker to an Apple TV 4K for Surround, Stereo and Dolby Atmos. 

Please check Change log for iOS 14.2 below, 

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Apart from iOS 14.2, Apple has also released WatchOS 7.1 which is the same as iPhone update which also supports HomePod’s Intercom feature, Support for ECG app in Korea and Russia and Head Phone Audio warnings. 

Check Details From iOS 14 and iPad OS 14

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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