What Is New In Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Release ?

Excited About Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ? Here is the list of features

Ubuntu 20.04 code-named “Focal Fossa” is now available with improvement in every part of the OS from boot speed to app appearance to bundled software.You are excited to know about new changes and features in long term support releases. 

Ubuntu 20.04 is a LTS (long term support) release so It will be supported for five years from now. It means you can use Ubuntu 20.04 till April, 2025 without any need to upgrade your computer to a new Ubuntu release.

You can buy extended support & maintenance for five years more then you can go with Enterprise clients.

Summary of New Ubuntu 20.04 features :

  • Yaru Dark Theme with improved appearance 
  • GNOME 3.36 with visual and performance improvements 
  • “Do Not Disturb” button for all notifications 
  • In Display Fractional scaling setting
  • Enable/Disable Ubuntu Dock 
  • Command : Snaps before apts 
  • Linux Kernel 5.4
  • Faster Install and Boot speeds
  • Improved ZFS install support
  • No Amazon app & Python 2 
  • WireGuard VPN BAckported 
  • No 32 bit systems for Ubuntu 20.04 
  • Redesigned login screen & New lock screen
  • Improvements to Thunderbolt support
  • NVIDIA drivers on the ISO itself
  • Snap-based Ubuntu Software app
  • Game mode added to the archives

All features plus lots of smaller improvements, bug fixes, updates for apps etc..

Yaru Dark Theme with improved appearance 

In Ubuntu 19.10 default Yaru Theme was introduced with dark version and in ubuntu 20.04 three different variants of Yaru theme : Light, Dark and Standard 

No need to install GNOME tweaks to switch the theme variants but options are available into the settings → Appearance 

The appearance of the theme in Ubuntu 20.04 has a slightly different look in place of the regular color combination of blue and green.

GNOME 3.36 with visual and performance improvements 

GNOME 3.36 with visual and performance improvement in Ubuntu 20.04 so all the features of 3.36 are available in Ubuntu 20.04 as well. 

For Example : Redesigned login screen & New lock screen

No need to scroll down to go to lock the screen but from a single click you are able to reach the login screen. 

“Do Not Disturb” button for all notifications 

You can use the “Do Not Disturb” option to toggle all desktop notifications to avoid distract due to desktop notifications. 

In Display Fractional scaling setting

Ubuntu 20.04 brings fractional scaling in settings so if you found any icons small at 100% and big at 200% but you can set a fraction between these two and take advantage of it. 

You can set up scaling of 125,150, 175 and 200.

It won’t work with multiple screens or monitors as it shows hardware limitation error. 

Enable/Disable Ubuntu Dock 

Usually Ubuntu Dock in the left side of the screen which can also set to bottom or right side or hide it when application Open but you can not hide it completely and that is not liked by few people. 

In Ubuntu 20.04 you can now completely disable it and one new application called extensions to manage it where you can disable dock completely. 

Command : Snaps before apts 

It uses format snap. I.e some application which is not installed and once you try to run the program earlier it suggests to use apt command to install it. 

Now Ubuntu 20.04  it suggests both snap and apt commands and it shows snap command before apt. 

Linux Kernel 5.4

Ubuntu 20.04 is with the latest Linux kernel 5.4  which means you can get ExFAT support with new hardware support and all other performance improvements. 

Faster Install and Boot speeds

There is a new compression algorithm used which now takes less time to install Ubuntu 20.04 but boot speed is faster compared to earlier versions of Ubuntu. 

Improved ZFS install support

Ubuntu 19.10 release with ZFS install support and became the first mainstream distribution and in Ubuntu 20.04 it is with improvements. 

No Amazon app & Python 2 

For the last eight years, An Amazon app installed by default along with Ubuntu installation and this app did nothing but it opened the Amazon website of your country using a browser installed in it and in Ubuntu 20.04 Amazon shopping app disappeared. 

In 2000 python 2 was released and it reached to EOL and Ubuntu 20.04 won’t support Python 2 and you will have to use Python 3. 

WireGuard VPN Backported 

Ubuntu 20.04 will not be using kernel 5.6 so WireGuard VPN is backported in kernel 5.4.

WireGuard VPN is a new buzz in the VPN industry so it will give a boost to Ubuntu 20.04 in the cloud scenario. 

No 32 bit systems for Ubuntu 20.04 

For a few years Ubuntu has not provided 32-bit ISO but 32-bit users can still upgrade systems till Ubuntu 18.04.

Now 32-bit users can not upgrade the system to Ubuntu 20.04 as it shows error.

In Short if you are using 32-bit Ubuntu 18.04 so you will have to stay with it till April 2023.

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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