PUBG Announces To Relaunch In India with $100 Million Investment

PUBG Mobile Return To India With New Tailored Experience

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PUBG Mobile will make its return to India with a new Avatar, Announced by PUBG parent company on Thursday.

Till now there is no update about the exact date by which it is available to users but the company seems to be ready with plans to re-launch in India.

PUBG corporation came up with relaunch plans to handle the issue with the game being banned but the main concern to re-launch is that there is huge popularity among the younger audience. 

The new game is called PUBG Mobile India which is specifically created for Indian users. Additionally PUBG Corporation and KRAFTON, Parent company, plans to make an investment of $ 100 million in India which is one of the largest markets of PUBG Mobile to work with local video game, Entertainment and IT industries ecosystems. Also planning to make 100 employees in the country. 

PUBG corporation claims that the new game will be with high security and privacy for Indian Players as a top priority.

Also the company claims that it will conduct regular verification and audits on the storage systems for Indian users to reinforce the security and ensure the data is safely managed. 

Apart from this, The game content is to be improved and made for the local needs. Most of the aspects will be customized for Indian gamers, i.e Characters Starting with clothed, Virtual simulation training ground, Green hit effect to reflect the virtual nature of the game. In order to deal with long usage of Mobile among younger players, the Company is planning to make some restrictions on game time. 

PUBG corporation is planning to create Indian subsidiary company to enhance services and communication with the players. The Indian company will hire over 100 employees in business and game development. This is the largest investment of $ 100 million by Korean company outside the manufacturing industry. Also the company plans to host India exclusive esports events which will be Prize Pools, Feature the tournaments and tournament productions. 

The PUBG Corporation claims that they will reveal more information about PUBG  Mobile release in India at a later date.

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