Google Play Store will be with a new Kids section filled with ‘Teacher Approved’ apps

‘A New Kids Section Is Called Everything here is teacher approved’

Image Source : Google

Google is coming with a new Kids Section for Google Play Store will be with a new kids section is called “Teacher Approved” Apps. In this section apps will be displayed which are highly rated by teachers. Here teacher has to provide certain reasons about why teachers like it, About useful for which age kids and what will be teaching from this app. 

As stated by Google, They originally planned to launch this feature by end of this year but they brought this release to earlier as due to the COVID-19 pandemic many childrens are spending time on mobile screens and also schools are closed now due to current Lock-down so this feature will helpful to children while learning during this period. Google also mentioned that it is our early launch so there will be missing some apps but we will try to complete review as soon as possible to give more number of apps to this section. 

This new kids section is the first rollout in the US over the next few days and Google is planning to launch it across the globe in the coming months. 

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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