How to Safely Move All Your SMS Texts and Messages From One Phone to Another ?

The most effective methods to Safely Move All Your SMS Texts and Messages From One Phone to Another

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iPhone SMS texts and iMessage

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It is easy to get all your SMS texts and Messages conversations from one iPhone to another once you have backed up your phone via iCloud or iTunes (You will get warning if you aren’t do it) and everything will be available in new device once you sign in into the new device with your Apple ID. 

Second method is to keep your Old iPhone and New iPhone close together to get all important stuff moved from one device to another device. Apple is also providing an official guide for switching data across devices because data is linked to your Apple ID so it doesn’t matter if you have changed your mobile number. 

It is not easy to move data from iPhone to Android. iSMS2droid is the best option to transfer messages between two different OS and this app is Free. You need to first make an unencrypted backup through iTunes which can be read by iSMS2droid and import to Android. 

Android SMS

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There are lots of options available once you are transferring SMS texts and messages from one Android phone to another. Pixel phones come with in-built data transfer apps so you can easily move your  SMS Texts from your Old phone to new one. Smart Switch is also a good app if you are using a Samsung Galaxy device. 

If none of the options works for you then SMS Backup & Restore is a good option to transfer your SMS texts from one Android phone to another Android Phone. You can use Google Drive DropBox or OneDrive to store your backups and simply restore them to a new phone and all these options work even if you are changing your Mobile number. 

You might require to transfer your messages or SMS texts from Android to an iPhone but Apple’s own Move to iOS tool does the job, but by seeing the reviews of the app and user experience it fails more than it works. If this doesn’t work for you then you need to start from clean slate and move your old Android messages somewhere else. 


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WhatsApp itself is having strong backup and restore options as far as you are doing transfer between Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone. You just need to back up your data either in Google Drive or iCloud  and then sign in to your new device and restore it. WhatsApp has already given detailed guides for both Android and iOS. 

If you are switching your mobile number then it is somehow complicated. You can use an official WhatsApp Change Number feature (Settings →Account → Change Number ) to transfer your account to a newer number. 

Till now it is simple but the problem starts once you are switching from Android to iOS or iOS to Android. Officially there are no any ways to do it but there are other third party tools but again it is somehow risky where your data is going. Our recommendation is to export your old chats so you can use them once you need it in future. (For Android :- Settings → Chats → Chat History → Export Chat.  For iOS Export Chat from individual conversation thread) then start again from scratch. 


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Signal is a new tool for transferring your SMS texts and messages history from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. If you have an older iPhone available with you then once you sign in to the new iPhone then you will be asked to transfer your history and it will take a few minutes to complete the process. 

This feature is not available on Android. If you want to use it for Android then you just need to choose Chats and media and Chat backups from Signal Settings and you need to decrypt the backup at the other end and for this you need to manually move that backup file to your new phone and signal will recognise and access this backup. You can get complete details from Here. 

This method is easy to follow and work very well. Unfortunately it won’t work if you are going to use it for Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android or changing your mobile number. In these scenarios you will need to start again with clean slate as far as your message history goes. 

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