How To Protect Yourself From Spam Emails ?

Ways To Protect From Spam Emails

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Spam Emails are one of the most serious threats for individuals, Companies and organizations online. Even though nowadays spam protection is very intelligent there is no way of 100% blocking of spam emails or messages. One way or another, there is a high chance of spam emails landing in your inbox at the same point of time. 

One of the facts is that when we sign up to an online retail account, We give permission to be added to marketing and advertising mailing lists and we are getting many marketing emails. Cybercriminals are smart and able to create similar emails and have a better chance of bypassing our email security and filters. 

Let’s check some steps to prevent yourself from spotting and preventing a Spam Email which causes issues for you and your company.

Protect and mask your email address 

If sometimes it is necessary to share your email address online then you must make it difficult for a spam bot to identify and copy it. Scrabble the letters to hide it or use symbols. 

Hide the email address in an image

You can create an image that shows your email address in a JPEG file or in a CAPTCHA format. 

Encode your email address 

You can encode your email address in such a way that it is not readable by spam-bots while scanning your website or web presence. 

Use a Test to hide your email address

You can do a device test, use some online tool to safeguard your email address by hiding it behind an easy test. There are many free solutions available online which allow you to do it and make sure to use a tool which is from an authentic company or a website. 

Think Twice before you click 

You are getting tons of emails everyday so you are getting lots of spam emails. We suggest you to avoid clicking on links which are coming from unknown resources or avoid opening attachments. You can consider scanning an attachment with anti-malware software before opening it. 

Download Spam Filtering Tools

In the previous point we discussed that you should avoid clicking on links and attachments from untrusted sources, You can also install spam filtering tools for better results. Once you install this kind of tool in your system, It will block all those emails which are having malicious content in it. 

Do not reply to spam messages

Another advice is not to reply to spam emails or messages. Once you reply to these spam messages then it will give alert to spammers that your email account is active and they will target you again and again. 

Try To Avoid using your business or personal email

If you are doing registration for some service or contest and you know that you will not use this service for a long time then do not use your business or personal email account for such registration. 

Never Share your email address

You can create online forms for contact details which are protected with spam guards

So this is a quick discussion about how to protect yourself from spam emails and follow these steps to keep yourself or your company from unnecessary troubles. 

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