Top 9 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Diwali 2020


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Diwali, The Festival of Lights is very near now. The biggest festival of the year is to bind a very low key affair due to Covid-19, Various states including Maharashtra asked people to  be careful and avoid using Crackers. 

Government has taken a decision to avoid using crackers. There are certain tips to follow during Diwali 2020 to have safe and healthy Diwali. 

Avoid Bursting Crackers 

This Diwali 2020, We can say No to Firecrackers or any form of burning waste and specifically dry leaves in the garden can burn which turns to smoke which can concern serious problems in Covid-19 which is still active.

Carbon particles from smoke and chemicals from firecrackers can cause allergic conditions. Vapour particles can stick to skin or nose which can give allergic reaction, Asthma and bronchitis attack. We can expect a spike in Covid-19 cased and an increase mortality during after Diwali.

Elder People To Stay Indoors 

Elder people should stay indoors to avoid cold temperatures outside. People of all ages people should avoid physical gathering. You can meet all the friends and Family members online over a virtual space. 

Do Not Use Sanitiser Before Lighting Candles or Diya 

Hand Sanitizers which are alcohol based so avoid this before lighting Diya or Candles. Sanitizers are inflammable which can cause Fire Hazards.

It is advisable to wash your hands with Soap or water before doing any activity which involves Fire. 

Keep Sanitiser Away From Fire 

Due to Covid-19 everyone has a sanitiser bottle and most of the sanitisers are alcohol based which can easily catch Fire so keep your sanitiser bottle at a safer space. 

Keep Water Handy 

This time instead of carrying sanitiser everywhere, You can keep Paper Soap and Water with you.

It is safer to keep easily Paper Soap and Water to avoid any Fire instances and you can clean your hands too. 

Keep Social Distance 

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Festival is all about meeting together to strengthen bonds but due to the current situation try to adjust and avoid meeting people physically. 

Avoid Hug To Greetings Others 

Due to the current situation Namaste is the best way to greet people right now rather than Hug or Shake hands so this year it is better to stay indoors to celebrate Diwali. 

Avoid Outside Food 

As of now there is no proof that Covid-19 transferred through cooked food but it is advisable to avoid outside food during this festive season.

This is not because of the risk of Covid-19 but outside food can cause stomach infections which can affect your immunity and overall health. We can say that nothing is better than traditional and home-cooked food.

Don’t Forget You Mask

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It is necessary to be responsible and take mandatory precautions as Covid-19 has made the mask necessary until we can get some vaccine so whenever you go outside do not forget to cover your nose and mouth. 

Now Enjoy Your Diwali With Your Loved Ones, Let The Festival Give Your Life With Health, Hopes and Happiness. 

Happy Diwali 2020

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