WhatsApp Introduces Disappearing Messages And New Storage Management Tool

WhatsApp Helping you quickly identify and bulk delete files

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WhatsApp has announced a bunch of new features to its service to make it more competitive with some other platforms likes Telegram, Slack and Instagram Direct.

WhatsApp has announced the arrival of “Disappearing Messages” which will allow users to send each other media and text that will be deleted after 7 days. 

The “Disappearing Messages” can only enable a particular chat. You just have to tap on contact’s name and you will find an option to On/Off. Once this option is enabled, It will automatically delete the messages from the chat thread but it will remain in phone storage if the back-up option is also Enabled and you can manage the messages which are intentionally deleted. 

Apart from this there is an improved storage management tool that will allow you more detailed control for storage like what is stored in the phone, What is deleted with filters for Age or Size. 

You can enable this option from Settings → Storage and Data → Manage Storage 

The current WhatsApp “Storage Usage” simply sorts all available chats by taking an amount of space from the storage and it lists all the messages, Photos, Videos and GIFs of all chats and the user can delete by tapping on it.

This is useful but it does not give you a clear idea about what you are removing from storage so sometimes you need to keep some photos which are important but in this it might be deleted accidentally.

The new tool gives facility that it shows thumbnails of the content to be deleted and some group forwarded messages which are larger files so you can easily delete them. 

This feature will arrive soon for both Android and iOS users but this update will take some time to roll out with some other users. 

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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