How to Get The Most Battery Life on Your iPhone 12 ?

Tips To Get Extended Battery Life On Your iPhone 12 

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Battery life of any device is the most important priority for most of us whether it is a brand new handset or picked up three years ago. The older your phone and battery then it is difficult to squeeze out extra charges, But if you just a new iPhone 12 then there are few ways by which you can make your mobile battery life as long as possible. 

The tips which are going to discuss here can be applied to all iPhone 12 series like iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone Pro Max and iPhone 12. 

According to Apple, The iPhone 12 Mini can manage 15 hours of video playback, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 can give 17 Hours and iPhone 12 Pro Max can give you 20 Hours but you can optimize battery life on your handset. 

iOS 14 Updates

Apple will push regular updates so if you are facing some issues like battery draining then you can search on the web and find out that other people are also facing the same issues. 

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Sometimes the iPhone community or Apple itself will publish steps which can help you to back your battery normal life after updating software. In iOS 14.2 some users have reported that by turning off Bluetooth or 5G can fix the problem. If there is no official word from Apple about the iOS issue then you can search through Reddit for community help.

5G or Not 5G 

You will get super-fast download and upload speeds and much network capacity but it will drain your battery. Apple says that you can optimize your 5G usage as much as possible so if you are not in the 5G network area then you can turn back to LTE which can save your battery life.  

Go to Settings → Tap to Cellular → Cellular Data Options → Voice & Data so you can choose LTE rather than default 5G Auto option.

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You can activate Low Data Mode from Cellular Data Options to restrict data usage while streaming video and so on so whatever is your cellular connection but it will help you to improve your battery life. 

If you know that Network connection is not proper in the area then you can turn on Airplane mode for certain time to save your battery life.

Check App Usage

 You can check your Phone Settings on your phone and choose Battery and you can see the apps which are draining your battery most and you can check the last 24 Hours or Last 10 days.

You can Tap the Show activity on top of the list and check each app is using and how much time you spent inside it and you will get an idea about which app is draining your battery.

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If there is some app which is straining your battery then you can remove it from your phone by long pressing on its home screen icon and if you still want to keep the app in your phone then please make sure that you are running latest version of the app or you can contact to your developer to report the problem.

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode in the iPhone was introduced in iOS 9 so once your device battery has dropped to 20 percent. It will cut some background processes, Turn off some visual effects, Disable 5G, Stop auto download and apply a few other tricks. 

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If you have an idea that you will not have access to your charger for a long time then you can turn on Low Power Mode manually. Go to Settings then choose battery and Enable Low Power mode from Menu. It will turn off automatically once your phone is charged to 80 percent and you can also add Low Power Mode toggle into Control Center for easy access. 

Display options and other settings

You can manage Display brightness from Settings, You can manage screen brightness from it and switch to iOS dark mode, You can set lower time for Auto-Lock so your phone will be locked once you are not using it. 

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Your battery will drain once you are playing audio with high volume so you can use downlevel volume. Heavy GPS use also major strain on the battery, You can limit the GPS use for a particular app or turn it off from Location services settings. 

If any apps provide you an option to sync via wifi instead of Cellular Data then it will give you extra battery life. 

Another tip to stop Siri, It will also help you to save your battery life. 

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