G Suite Customers Will Soon Be Able To Make Google Voice Calls From Gmail

G Suite Customer Is Also Getting Call Transfer Feature Along With Google Voice Calls

Image Source : Google

Google Announced, G Suite customers or users with Google voice licenses make Google Voice Calls from their Gmail inbox. With this new feature now users don’t have to switch to another tab to make a Google Voice call.

Once this feature is rolled out, You will be able to use Google Voice from the Gmail toolbar which is right side of your mailbox, As currently icons of Google Calendar, Keep and Task are given.This Google Voice in Gmail looks like the call panel in the Voice web application which will allow you to make a new call, answer calls and transfer calls.  Here is this GIF from Google to look at the new interface.  

Source : Google

3rd June, Google will start to roll out the feature so you can use it from Firefox or Google Chrome on a computer. 

Google also announced that you will be able to access Google Meet for Videoconferencing service from your Gmail. This Google Voice in Gmail integration will help you to spend your day working through making calls and sending emails.

The company has already started rolling out a call transfer feature for Google Voice’s Android, iOS and Web application to G Suite customers. It is easy to transfer a call by just tapping on a “transfer” button on the call menu and selecting the contact to whom you want to transfer the call. This is an image for the Call transfer process from Google. 

Image Source : Google

Google does not currently have any plans to bring this new feature to other consumers apart from G Suite users.

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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