Apple releases iOS Beta 13.5 which will Make It Simpler to Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing a Face Mask

Apple is also making some adjustment in Face Time to make it more useful for group calls

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Apple releases beta version of iOS 13.5 comes with an important improvement to skip the Face ID functionality and allow you to enter your password directly while wearing a Face Mask on your face. This features is useful in current situation of Coronavirus outbreak which brought many changes in our lives, one of those is to wear Face Mask while going outside home. 

In current one if you have wear mask or cloth on your face to protect against Covid-19 and it is not taking your Face ID, iOS will now coming with manual passcode option after one swipe from bottom part of your screen. This change will eventually roll out for all users and it will be welcome for any iPhone user who does not ave physical home button. 

If you are using iPhone 11, X or XS, You are getting frustration while trying to use your phone while wearing Face Mask and software insists you to authenticate your phone by bio-metric verification instead of showing passcode screen. This process will take around 10 to 15 seconds and by doing number of swipes you will reach to passcode screen to enter it. Apart from this iPhone user will be at risk if they feel that they have to remove Face Mask to unlock their devices. 

It is good news that Apple is making this fundamental changes in their authentication process without breaching any security and giving nice update to their users. Apart from Face ID changes, Apple is also making some changes in FaceTime video calls allow users to disable this feature where current active speaker increases in asymmetrical grid, This static grid of faces is better for video calls with many users talking after one another. You will get it in FaceTime settings, Once you will enable this feature you will have tap on person’s feed to make it important in the grid. 

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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