7 Essential Tips and Tricks to Use WhatsApp


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WhatsApp is a very popular app for messaging in a business but there are lots of changes, one WhatsApp owned by Facebook in 2014. If you are using WhatsApp to manage bulk of your daily conversations.

These 7 tips will help you to get more uses of your WhatApp like Change its Appearance, Protect Privacy etc 

Customize Conversation WallPaper

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You can set your own wallpaper per conversation so you can easily identify threads of your colleagues or Family members so you can easily identify groups while sending messages so it will minimize risk of wrong messages in the wrong box. 

  • On Android mobile, You can Open up Chat and click on three dots on the top right corner and choose WallPaper 
  • On iOS Mobile, You can open up chat and click on bar at the top and click on Wallpaper & Sound 

Send Disappearing Messages 

Snapchat has started this feature and shown this to the world that there are some chats on social media networks and communication tools which are very less permanent.

In a WhatsApp you can set messages in individual chats to disappear the message after 7 days by tapping on the name at the top and choosing Disappearing messages and it will not affect your older messages which are already sent to the user.

Mute Chats For The Long Term 

You have an idea about to mute some busy conversations on WhatsApp but you do not have an idea about the app recently added some options to mute them permanently so you will not get notification of certain groups or people until you unmute them again.

You can tap to group name or name at the top of conversation and choose Mute Notifications (Android) OR Mute (iOS) to set your preference. You can pick 8 Hours, 1 Week Or Always.

Check Up On Storage Use 

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It is always WhatsApp will utilize memory on your Phone by receiving lots of Photos and videos from Groups and Individuals but there is a dedicated tool to keep it organised. Open Settings Storage and Data  → Manage Storage and you will get the next screen where you will find which files are taking up storage and you can delete them if it is not necessary.

Add Extra Security 

This feature is for iPhone users only : If you want to make sure that no one will check your WhatsApp messages, You can add Face ID or Touch ID to get into the app as well as in your Phone itself.

You can tap to Settings from the main screen and choose Account, Privacy and Screen Lock and it depends on your iPhone which supports Face ID or Touch ID for access. 

Stay Out Of Group Chat 

Groups are Important to connect our Colleagues and Friends but you can enable options that you can not be added by group admins without your explicit permission.

Tap to three dot buttons (top left) then Settings on Android or iOS, Choose Account, Privacy and Groups to set who can add you on Groups or Who can not add you on group automatically but you can still be invited to join groups. By using the My Contacts except so you can keep your list very short. 

Back up to Google Drive or iCloud 

WhatsApp is providing a strong backup system which allows you to save your chat either on Google Drive or iCloud which makes a lot easier to pick up your conversations in your new phone. 

  • On Android, You can tap on three dots (top right) and go to Settings → Chats and Chat backup 
  • On iOS, tap to Settings, Chats and Chat Backup from the front screen itself and this cloud backups will not protected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp Introduces Disappearing Messages And New Storage Management Tool

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