Microsoft launches “Plasma Bot” to make recruitment of recovered COVID-19 patients to help treat sick ones

The antibodies from recovered patients’ blood will be an effective treatment for Covid-19 patients.

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Microsoft is planning to launch a self-screening tool for checking people if they are qualified to donate their plasma to create treatment for COVID-19. ‘Plasma Bot’ to make recruitment of recovered COVID-19 patients to help treat sick ones. From the Company\’s blog, This tool is also part of the company’s work with a group which is called CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance.

Here the process is like if someone is infected with COVID-19 and their immunity system produces antibodies to fight against it so if the infected people recover then they have antibodies in their blood. 

“Once a COVID-19 patient has recovered and donated plasma, The CoVig-19 plasma alliance can be able to start manufacturing a potential therapy and start clinical trials.” From the post “These trials will find that this therapy will provide treatment to people who are at risk of COVID-19”

This antibody blood plasma will help to recover a person to a newly infected person &  create antibodies in new patients and help them to recover fast. This kind of treatment was already used during 1890s  diphtheria and 1918 flu pandemic and plasma infusions already used for some diseases like SARS, ChickenPOX and measles.

In COVID-19, Some reports about plasma infusions have helped some patients to recover but it is still early to tell about the effectiveness of plasma treatment. US researchers continuously working on studies on plasma infusion treatments of Covid-19 Patients. 

The goal of Plasma Alliance is different from some other plasma related treatments because Alliance wants to make therapy called polyclonal hyperimmune globulin (H-Ig) rather than giving direct plasma infusions to patients.

The process is such a way that from multiple donations of plasma, the antibodies are concentrated into a liquid form and that will be used to create treatment for the virus. This therapy has to go through certain clinical trials and be approved before applying it for COVID-19 patients. 

The CoVIg-19 Plasma Bot, This is expected to be available from social, Web and search channels and ask some questions to check if patients are able to donate plasma with the checklist of allergies, medicines they are taking or other medical conditions. 

From certain questions if patients are eligible then users will get information about where they can donate plasma which will take around an hour of time and planning is to begin from the US with some plans and later on expansion to Europe. 

Besides Microsoft, Ths alliance includes LFB, BPL, Octapharma, Biotest, Takeda and CSL behind. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an advisor of the project.

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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