Difference Between Java and Kotlin in Android

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is one of the programming languages. Kotlin is sponsored by JetBrains and the Google Foundation of Kotlin. Kotlin is also known as Object-oriented programming. 

What is Java?

Java is an Object-oriented programming language. Java founder JAMES GOSLING in 1991. The first name of Java is OAK. Java is similar to the basic languages of C and C++, etc.

For example: 

No need to findViewById: It is used to find objects on view with the given ID.

  • Java: Button buttonobject=(Button)findViewByID(R.id.button) button object.setText(“Hello World”)
  • Kotlin: Button.setText(“Hello World”)
  • Free from Null Pointer Exception: NullpointerException is a new feature of Kotlin that can not allow null in any type of value.

Var test: String=” Hello how are you ?” //Show error while compilation 

test= null

  • Data Class: Create a data class to hold the data. This class uses the hold data and is derivable for the data.  

Data class user(val name: String ,val  age :String)


There are many differences in both languages and their features.

In conclusion, we have seen above that Java has a wide range of Java applications. Whereas Kotlin has smartly stolen its thunder as the preferred language for the development of new Android applications

Google has put all of its efforts into Kotlin, and its new technologies are Kotlin-first. Remember, the choice is yours and it depends on the specific requirements of your application and your development team’s preferences and skills.

365Bloggy May 6, 2024
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