Check your Phone Now ! 23 Fleeceware apps You Must Delete Right Now

Malicious Fleeceware apps Found by Sophos Labs

If you do not do research before downloading an app from Google Play Store, You could end up with something monstrous installed on your Android Phone that may waste your battery and spam attacks. 

Recently, A group of malicious apps was found on Google Play Store that installed “fleeceware” on phones. This kind of malware signs up you for the subscription you don’t need and drains your bank account. If you have any following apps on your phone then delete them as fat you can. 

Fleeceware everywhere

Recent reports from Sophos Labs, There are 23 different apps hosted on Google Play Store which contains “fleeceware” without users knowledge. 

These apps were clearly violating Google’s new set of rules, but they used tricks to avoid detection of their true intention. 

This kind of fleeceware apps take two primary forms while installing on your phone. One tactic is called “blind sub”, Which attracts you for free trials but how long it works for free or how much it costs after the free trial is over. Second one is “subscription spamming” where you sign up for each new subscription. 

Researchers at Sophos detected both and made a list of apps which are causing this kind of malwarious activity. 

Which apps were causing the problems?

Sophos detects all 23 of the troublesome fleeceware apps in its security report so If you found any of following apps on your phone, delete them without hesitation:

  • File Converter & JPEG Converter
  • Recover deleted photos, Photo backup
  • Screen recorder: Game recorder
  • Photo grid mixer : Insta grid & photogrid
  • Search by Image: Image Search – Smart Search
  • Dynamic Wallpaper
  • Gametris Wallpaper
  • Tell Shortvideo
  • Fontmoji
  • Video Magician
  • Xstar: Sleep and Mindfu – Apps on Google Play
  • Palmistry Astrology
  • Futurescope
  • Fortune Mirror
  • Prank Call Free Lite
  • Fake Chat Conversation – Prank
  • Old Me
  • My Replica 2: Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-Alike
  • Live GO Map 2020 for Poke Radar
  • IV GO Calculator for Poke GO Genie
  • Hy G File Scanner

In order to uninstall apps, Go to Settings → Apps and you can select the app which you want to uninstall and remove them. 

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