Android’s Real-time Live Caption Feature Could Be Coming To Chrome

A “Real-time Live Caption” toggle has appeared in a Chrome development build

Image Source : Google

There is no need for an Android mobile to use real-time live caption because this feature is coming to Chrome browser on computers and to Chrome OS, Noticed by TechDows (via 9to5Google). The latest Canary build of Chrome includes Live Caption support for browser’s user and You will have to enable this feature through an accessibility flag in the settings, but it should automatically caption videos or music without any additional support.

You can try to test Live Caption on Chrome through below steps, 

  1. First, Download Latest Build of Chrome Canary
  2. Open it and in address bar enter chrome://flags
  3. Redirect it to Flags page and Scroll down to “Live Captions” and click on the  drop-down and select “Enabled”
  4. Now go to the Settings menu of Chrome, Write “accessibility” in the search bar of settings and click in the Live Caption item that appears.

According to Google, This live Caption is available on Android 10 OS with some mobile phones like Pixel 4, 3, 3A and 2 Phones as well as some selected Android OS phones and you can have some idea about this feature from one of the promotional videos from Google. 

365Bloggy February 5, 2024
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