Nutrition Advice For Adults During The COVID-19 Outbreak


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It is necessary to have proper nutrition and hydration. People who eat well-balanced diet can have a strong immunity system, Healthier body and lower chances of infections and chronic diseases so you can use variety of Fresh and unprocessed foods daily to get Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and Antioxidants body as per your need.

Always drink enough water, Avoid salt, Sugar and Fat to have a lower risk of Obesity, Overweight, Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes and certain types of Cancer. 

Always Eat Fresh And Unprocessed Foods Everyday

Eat Vegetables, Fruits, Beans, Nuts and Whole grains i.e Brown Rice, Wheat, Oats, Unprocessed Maize, Starchy foods such as Potato Yam, Cassava, Eggs, Fish, Meat and Milk. 

Daily Eat : 2 Cups of Fruit, 2.5 Cups of Vegetables, 180 Gms Grains, 160 Gms Beans and Meat 

Use raw vegetables, Fresh Fruits for snacks rather than foods that are with high Salt, Fat or Sugar

Do not overcook fruits or vegetables as this can lead to the loss of important vitamins 

If you are using dried or canned fruit and vegetables then make sure that it will be without added Sugar or Salt 

Drink Enough Water Everyday

Drink 8 to 10 cups of water everyday 

Water is an essential part of life, It transports necessary compounds and nutrients in blood, It regulates the body temperature, help to move waste and provides lubrication in joints.

Apart from water you can also consume other fruits, vegetables and drinks which contain water. I,e Lemon Juice, Tea or Coffee but make sure that too much caffeine harms the body and avoid sweet fruit juice, Syrups and drinks which contain sugar. 

Eat Moderate Amounts Of Oil and Fat

You can consume unsaturated fats such as Nuts, Olive Oil, Canola, Sunflower, Corn Oils rather than saturated fats such as Butter, Cream, Coconut Oil, Cheese, Ghee 

Choose Fish and White meat which are with low Fat rather than red meat 

Always avoid processed meats because they are with High Salt and Fat 

You use low-fat or lower fat versions of Milk and Dairy Products 

Always avoid produced trans fat which are found in Fast Food, Frozen Pizza, Cookies, Fired Foods etc

Eat less Sugar and Salt

While cooking and preparing food, You can limit the salt and high sodium supplements 

Limit your salt to 5 gms (Approx 1 Teaspoon) and use iodized salt 

Avoid snacks which are with higher Sugar and Salt 

Avoid soft-drinks or sodas or other drinks which contain high sugar i.e Fruit Juices, Flavoured Milk etc

Choose fresh fruits instead of sweet chocolate, cakes and cookies. 

Avoid Outside Food 

Eat homemade food to reduce your rate of contact with other people and lower chance of getting affected with Covid-19 outbreak.

We recommend you to keep a distance of 1 meter between yourself with anyone who is coughing and sneezing or Covid-19 outbreak symptoms but this is not possible in crowded spaces like restaurants and cafes.

Another point is that infected people may touch surfaces while incoming and outgoing people and it is difficult to ask each and everyone to wash their hands and clean surfaces or disinfection regularly. 

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